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Medical translation & language

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"Words are not coins, dead things whose value can be mathematically computed. You can't quote an exact English equivalent for a French word, as you might quote an exact English equivalent for a French coin. Words are living things, full of shades of meaning, full of associations and, what's more, they're apt to change their significance from one generation to the next. The translator who understands his job feels, constantly, like Alice in Wonderland trying to play croquet with flamingoes for mallets and hedgehogs for balls; words are forever eluding his grasp." 

Ronald Knox, British crime writer and translator 

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Series with daily posts about traps and slippery slopes of medical translation from English to Brazilian Portuguese. The posts have gained commentaries with related terminology and are aimed at beginner or professional translators, and all who work in writing and reviewing medical texts. The blog has a search engine available or easier reference..

An etymological series aimed at familiarizing medical translators with Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes used in the current medical language.

Series on post-editing suggesting localized solutions for the Brazilian medical language of the medical translation made by MT from English to Brazilian Portuguese.

Book artwork by Su Blackwell
Book artwork by Su Blackwell

Weekly newsletter with comments on the posts of the series #SOStraduçãomédica, #APALAVRADODIA, and #hojetempostediting. The goal is to keep up to date the material I make available for translators, copyeditors, reviewers, editors & supporters. The newsletter can be signed and received directly in your email by clicking on the figure above.

Page with resources for translators, as references: 

  • Online medical dictionaries 
  • Printed medical dictionaries 
  • Books on medical language 
  • Books of Medical Semiology 
  • Medical translation groups on Linkedin 
  • Communities to do work as a volunteer translator 
  • Websites, blogs, translation courses, professional associations, etc.

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